It is difficult to find truly good customer service in today’s world. It’s the people in the company that make the company. Providing excellent service at Markmans means serving our customers with integrity, honesty, concern and knowledge. Our goal is to give you as much information as you want or need to help you make the best jewelry selection possible.

Service will not stop when you make your selection as it does in many businesses. We value your business and continue our service by providing custom sizing as well as preparing an Insurance Replacement Appraisal at no additional cost. We can also enhance your existing jewelry by repairing settings or using a new mounting for your treasure. We are happy to provide a free inspection and evaluation at any of our locations.

Cleaning is another important service that we offer and this should be done yearly along with an inspection. If you wear a particular piece daily or often, it is best to have it checked every three to six months. We can economically repair loose stones, bent shanks and loose prongs. Let Markmans help you care for your jewelry treasures to prevent stone loss and keep them looking new!

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